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Peace Mafia Training Center

Embodiment & Creative Services

Outside of training and certification for exploring mind altering substances the Peace Mafia offers training and certification a wide spectrum of embodiment and relationship building services.  These offerings are plant medicine positive.

FREE Introductory Workshop

Attend a free introductory workshop to learn more about becoming a Peace Mafia Facilitator,  Guide, or Host.  There are an abundance of meditative activities to explore with or without the use of mind-altering substances.  View our community page to learn more about our activities.

Facilitator Certifcation

Embrace your freedom to use psychedelics as a spiritual ritual that imparts divine grace. The Peace Mafia understands that the use of psychedelics is protected under the First Amendment's freedom of religion clause. Practicing the art of holding spiritual space is a primary focus of training for facilitators. There is a logical science and applied art behind this practice. By directing our awareness towards the present moment and immersing ourselves in the felt experience, we can connect with the expansive, living spiritual energy. Receptivity, open-heartedness, grounded safety, gratitude, and somatic awareness are foundational qualities that we prioritize. These qualities enable the divine flow of creative healing energy.


Level 1 Facilitator

Enter into the magical mindset of the Peace Mafia family.


Level 2 Facilitator

Expand into the higher dimensions of space holding.

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"Sage Nature Sanctuary" holds the legal church status for our

Mind Altering Substance Leadership Training Center

Get Peace Mafia Certified
facilitate, guide or host a journey into altered states of consciousness.


mindSET Training

If you are looking to explore mind altering substances and activities, mindset preparation and integration are key.  Learn to guide a journey through preparation and integration.


Setting Curation & Hosting

The perfect setting is the foundation of the energetic space you will land in when exploring altered states of consciousness. Learn about hosting for Peace Mafia we would love to connect and explore the possibility.


Facilitation Certification

Become a certified Peace Mafia Facilitator to grow in your embodiment of space holding, connectivity practices and connect with aligned community.

mindSET Training

The unconscious mind is the creator of our perceived reality.  As we tap into the imagination within our divine essence, and ground this creative world into our felt experience, we can learn to alter our lived experience and relationship to the world.  This process creates more peace, joy, inspiration and pleasure in our daily lives.  This is the understanding of the terms 'ascension and enlightenment', demystified.  This process is an internal journey that leads us into Unity Consciousness.  

From childhood until now we have been programmed by culture on what is the right and wrong thing to do. We have been told who we are, male or female, young to old, this or that and we have created our own story of identity.  This mind programming is the code that our ego consciousness is running on in order to 'fit in' to society.  In order to 'protect' ourselves people unconsciously repress detrimental energy that stores as mild to extreme trauma in our bodies which creates dis-ease.  The Peace Mafia shares within it's community a systematic logical approach to repatterining the unconscious mind to unlock healing, expression and creative potential.  We utilize meditative practices combined with optional mind altering substances as a catalyst for this purification process.

As we shift our mindset into this reality we drastically increase our vibrations into a vital world of creativity and inspiration.  We then can extend this energy into curated spaces that we hold.  For us, holding space, is simply a grounded loving presence focused on specific intentions.  As we learn to come out of the over active world of incessant mind chatter, we drop in deeper and more connective and purpose driven life.

This is what we extend to our Facilitators within the Peace Mafia.  If this resonates with you we would love to connect and explore the possibility of co-creation together.

Training includes:

  • Build Will and Focus
  • Learn Mental Alchemy
  • Heart-Mind Somatic Awareness
  • Energetic & Vibrational Flow Embodiment
  • Demystify Shamanism
  • Transforming a "Bad Trip" to powerful healing
  • Beginners Transpersonal Psychology Logic

Setting Curation & Hosting

There is a modern science and art to shaping energy.  This science offers to balance the energy-quality of our lives, environment and technology.  As an evolution from the Ancient Egyptian Temple Sciences and other great traditions, the Peace Mafia integrates this ancient wisdom with modern technology. The science of BioGeometry is a foundation to this understanding.  

The Peace Mafia is networking with kindred spirits who desire to share their locations to host conscious events.  We provide free host, mindset and facilitator certification and training to those who share qualified locations.