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Peace Mafia Intentional Community Building

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Lucid Psychedlic Connections

Access a directory of certified facilitators, guides and hosts trained within the legal structure of the Church Of Sage Nature.

Preparation & Integration


Embodiment & Meditative Activities

Gain access to a full lineup of plant medicine positive classes and entrepreneurial centered community building resources.

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Saturday Night Alive

Why settle for going to bars when you have the option to attend a special event that offers a high-vibe atmosphere and natural medicinal elixirs and tonics, creating a truly connective experience?

Magical Peace Tonics will be available for purchase to assist in calming nerves, opening the heart, invigorating energy, and enhancing relationships. Kana, Kava Kava, Kratom and Cannabis will be available to be infused into the world class drinks. With live music, DJ’s, dance performances, ecstatic dance, silent disco, cuddle lounge, massage and energy work room, this event is unrivaled in its enchanting effects!

This innovative concept aims to provide artists, performers, brands, vendors, products and other partners with a unique platform to showcase their talents and engage with audiences in an immersive environment. These events will not only serve as entertainment hubs but also as catalysts for abundance, personal growth and self-discovery.

This gathering is exclusively for Peace Mafia and District 216 members and aims to promote the collective offerings. The event is scheduled to take place once a month on Saturday night. This is a pop-up style event held within LoDo Studios.

Join The Peace Mafia Community

Become A Member & Receive Access To The Following

More than you knew is possible

In addition to exploring mind-altering experiences, the Peace Mafia community offers a wide range of creatively focused embodiment and relationship-building services.

Service Offerings

MindSET Repatterining

Unlock your mind with the Ultimate Life Hack, The Studio X Alchemy.  This revolutionary system for exploring the unconscious mind  releases limiting beliefs and repressed trauma from the body.  This is Unity Consciousness Mindset and a fundamental tool for holding space for altered states of consciousness.

Natural Psychedelics

The utilization of natural psychedelics and tonics with guided intentional mindset is a catalyst for healing, creativity and human connection. Tap into your true spiritual nature of imagination, inspiration & intuition!

Entrepreneurial Support

The foundation of the Peace Mafia lifestyle is focused on social entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism.  This mindset brings in expanded abundance and freedom to our collective family.

Creative Dreaming

All technology, inventions and creations come from visioning first.  Learn to ignite your imagination and ground visions into reality. 

By clearly illustrating the end result and breaking down this vision into processes and manageable steps, these visualizations empower us to stay focused, motivated, and ultimately succeed in our endeavors.


Learn to quiet your mind and focus on your somatic experience through mindfulness.  This is the gateway to inner peace and pleasure within your body.  Through the power of presence we can bring the light of our consciousness to resonate in heart centered pleasure for healing and empowerment. 


The power of now!  Somatic focus on the breath connects us to the eternal vibration and power of the quantum realm! Breath-work is a key tool to tapping into the control panel of your body.  Learn to induce endogenous mind altering substances within your body to connect to altered states of consciousness.

Sound Healing

The Peace Mafia recognizes sound as a primary force for creativity and healing, benefiting the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Through the integration of ancient wisdom and modern technology, sound healing emerges as a powerful tool within the Peace Mafia's offerings. Sound baths, improvisational music, and spoken word are a few examples.

Empathic Communication

Discover a communication technology that allows for healing and empowerment in heated conversations and conflicts.  This system is fundamental in Peace Mafia relationships.  Learn to master conversation and find direction in all situations!

Platonic Intimacy

Cuddles, squish and expressing the appreciation of beauty through friendship is a much needed way of sharing love through platonic intimacy. Let's embrace intimacy and beauty for expanding heart energy and gratitude for life!

Tantric Yoga

By anchoring your consciousness into your body, you can reclaim your sense of perfection. By encouraging the flow of sexual kundalini energy, a powerful resonance of healing is activated. Tantric Yoga serves as a gateway to release stored trauma from your body and enhance peace and pleasure in your daily life.

Beyond MMA

For those who want to get physical and exert their fire in a safe and consensual manner.  Beyond MMA extends a flow-state improvisational non-striking Mixed Martial Arts to community. This mindful meditative practice encourages the masculine yang qualities and cultivates Chi awareness to more powerfully harness your expression.

Flow-state Dance

Becoming fully immersed in dance is one of the most powerful ways to connect with life force energy.  Peace Mafia facilitators will create a space for you to transition from your thoughts to your body and soul. Experience a magically synchronistic improvisational dance system that can guide individuals out of their heads and into their bodies, immersing them in the enchanting world of dance.