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The Peace Mafia curates spaces for exploring the unified heart field through altered states of consciousness.  The Peace Mafia Facilitators, Hosts & Guides hold intentional spaces for exploring this unification of the mind, body and spirit.  Mind altering substances are a core focus of the Peace Mafia community, but there is so much more!  

Through private sessions, small groups, and social gatherings we curate our community that is focused on building a sustainable and collaborative sub-culture throughout the world.

This is a way of life for us.  Through creating a deeper sense of belonging, purpose and connectivity with each other and our kindred spirits - our Quest is to build a new world of Unity consciousness together.  We educate and connect people regarding the use of psychedelics and tonics as a catalyst to connect into expanded states of awareness.

Altered states of consciousness are also available without substances, though this is typically a longer process to reach these transcendental states, which are not as intense as using certain substances.  The choice is yours!  


The origin of the Peace Mafia

In a world where conflicts and divisions seem to be ever-present, the pursuit of peaceful coexistence and harmony is more important than ever. The origins of the Mafia offer an intriguing perspective on this quest for security and protection. Emerging from a time when individuals felt compelled to safeguard their families and loved ones from government injustices, the Mafia initially served as a means of self-defense. While its methods may have been questionable, the underlying motivation to create a sense of safety and well-being cannot be ignored. By exploring the historical context that gave rise to such organizations, we can gain valuable insights into the human desire for peace and unity, even if expressed through unconventional means. Ultimately, understanding these origins can help us reflect on our own efforts towards fostering harmony within our communities and nations.

Peace: The concept of peace, which refers to the absence of war or other forms of hostilities, is highly valued in society. It can be promoted through agreements or treaties aimed at ending conflicts and fostering harmonious relations. Peace also entails freedom from quarrels and disagreement, allowing for peaceful coexistence and a sense of harmony among individuals and nations.

Mafia: The word "Mafia" carries multiple meanings, primarily associated with notions of confidence and boldness. It can be seen as a representation of swagger and bravado, encapsulating an air of strength and audacity.

The origins of the Mafia can be traced back to a time when individuals sought to safeguard their family and loved ones from government injustices and other external pressures. It started as a lifestyle that aimed to provide protection and security in an uncertain world. It was not until the emergence of media, television, and Hollywood that the Mafia gained attention as an Italian secret crime organization. However, the roots of the Mafia can be traced back to a much earlier time, long before automatic guns and cocaine became prominent factors.

The mission

The Peace Mafia World Wide Web & United Sub-Culture

Our intentional community is led by a team of world-class entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a globally united social enterprise. Through our proprietary style of conscious capitalism, our approach not only generates profits but also has a positive impact on society and the environment.  The Peace Mafia is united through an interconnected network known as the "inner-web." Our relationship to life is rooted in a spiritual perspective that emphasizes intelligent life energy as a fundamental guiding power for creation. By utilizing the cutting edge of science and technology, the Peace Mafia integrates all aspects of life into a holistic approach to building community and business. The entrepreneurial training center within the Peace Mafia includes mentorship, education, community and commerce that is woven into a revolutionary holistic approach to creative social enterprise.  Namely - “Flow, create, play”. The collective combines a member-based online directory and a localized community-building system. It aggregates influence and empowers individuals to connect and generate abundance within its network.

The Peace Mafia has developed a logical and systematic approach to unity consciousness, which is fundamental in fostering collective synergy. The Peace Mafia recognizes that today's global society is heavily influenced by a fear-based system, which creates separation and conflict within culture. This is a system of mind-programs that imposes a version of truth by utilizing emotional control mechanisms. The spectrum of emotions used for control exists between the poles of sexuality and spirituality. These aspects hold considerable influence over individuals and can be leveraged to manipulate and sway behaviors. Fear, guilt, shame, and grief are emotions that people often experience when their actions or choices do not align with society's perception of moral correctness. The "Man Program" promotes social dynamics that contribute to the repression of emotions across all genders. This repression leads to the accumulation of stored trauma within the body.

The Peace Mafia utilizes a proprietary method rooted in feminine energy to prepare and integrate the exploration of altered states of consciousness, thereby enabling the highest timeline for healing, empowerment and unity. Embarking on this journey has the power to release societal control mechanisms and activate profound experiences that connect individuals to a higher purpose and create a sense of ‘oneness'  with the community and all of life. The Peace Mafia fosters connections with the intention of creating safe and heart-centered environments to explore altered states of consciousness. While mind altering substances are a significant interest within the Peace Mafia community, it is essential to highlight that this community offers a diverse range of activities focused on meditative and embodiment practices.

Experiencing altered states of consciousness are available without the use of substances, although this typically requires a longer process to reach transcendental states. These states may not be as intense as those induced by certain substances as a catalyst. The choice is yours!


Psychonaut Leadership

A psychonaut is a person who explores the psyche by altering their state of consciousness, often through the use of psychoactive substances and other techniques or practices.

Psychonautics (from the Ancient Greek ψυχή psychē 'soul, spirit, mind' and ναύτης naútēs 'sailor, navigator')  refers both to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered states of consciousness, including those induced by meditative practice or mind-altering substances, and to a research cabal in which the researcher voluntarily immerses themselves into an altered mental state in order to explore the accompanying experiences.